Tutoring Overview

We provide tutoring in a variety of academic subjects. Most students meet once a week to maintain a comfort level with the material and to stay ahead. The purpose is to give students individual attention in subject areas that are challenging to learn in a group/classroom setting.

What is covered in a tutoring session?

A typical 60 minute tutoring session is broken up into 40 minutes of review of current concepts and 20 minutes to introduce upcoming lessons so that students can maximize comprehension at school.

How often do sessions take place?

Most students meet once or twice each week for an hour per subject to maintain top grades. We do recommend increased frequency early on if a student has been struggling in a class or if it is a subject area that is outside of a student's comfort zone.



How Much Does it Cost?

Our online tutoring sessions are $75/hr and our in home tutoring sessions are $90/hr. We also offer discounts on larger tutoring packages. On average, over the course of a school year, a student will spend ~$2000 per subject area. Not bad for an A and a happy and confident student!

How do I get started?

Click the button to the left and fill out the information so that we can create an academic profile for you. We can then offer you specific advice on how frequently you should meet with your tutor and what content areas we should start with.